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Hunting Rifle Import Mongolia Angin Buu ангийн буу

Legally import your hunting rifle - we show you how!

Every Mongolian citizen has the possibility to import a hunting rifle once. Our service is focused to help you with the complete process. This includes expert advice from choosing the best rifle for your needs and getting all paperwork done in compliance with all applicable Mongolian and Foreign laws. We have over 30 years international experience and our distributors in the United States and Germany can get you any legally available firearm. We assist you in obtaining the Mongolian Import Permit, arrange the Foreign Export Permit, Transportation, Insurance and all Customs and Registration procedures. Click here for Details. You can save much money by using our service and you are not limited to locally available products only!


Mahatma Gandhi Street Narkhan Khotkhon 53-7 Khan-Uul District, 15 Khoroo Ulaanbaatar, 17024 MONGOLIA Call Soyol-Erdene at 9587-5668 for Mongolian eMail: soyola@gmx.de  Call Robert Russell at +976-9567-5668 for English & German eMail: robert.russell@gmx.de  New Route Consulting LCC Corporate Reg. # 5392495 Achilles Company ID: 073424 Please read this important information! Our services include the following: 1.) Advice and assistance to obtain your Import Permit from the Mongolian Police. 2.) Sourcing the firearm of your choice overseas at the best possible quality and price. 3.) Legally Purchasing your firearm overseas. 4.) Payment of your firearm overseas. You can pay in MNT. 3.) Obtainig the required Export License from overseas. 4.) Secure Transportation by Airfreight including Insurance. 5.) Advice and assistance to pick-up your firearm and pay Import Duties in UB. 6.) Registering your firearm with the Mongolian Police. 7.) Registering your firearm with the manufacturer for warranty purposes. 8.) Training for the use of your firearm that will be necessary according to the law.   Additional services: 1.) Gun-Smith work and firearms repair. 2.) Mounting of Scopes and other accessories. 3.) Sighting & Adjusting scopes. 4.) Translation of the user manual. 5.) Explain how to use and care for your firearm. 6.) Modifications of firearms as allowed by law. 7.) Safety and shooting lessons. 8.) Other services as agreed, provided that they are legal. DISCLAIMER: Mongolian and Foreign Law is subject to change according to Mongolian and Foreign legislation. We do our best to keep you informed of any changes and will post them here. Please note that we are not a law-office and whilst offering our services, we do not give legal advice. Only a lawyer can do so. We do not buy, sell, trade or stock any firearms, nor do or can we import firearms in our own capacity. Importation is made by YOU and is only possible if you are a Mongolian Citizen who is duly authorized by Mongolian Police to do so legally. Angin, Angiin Buu zarna, ангийн буу импортын
Legally import your hunting rifle with our service!
Phone: 9587-5668
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